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The specific process of making cosmetic display cabinet


Many custom Cosmetics Exhibition cabinets, as soon as we find the manufacturers ask the price. This makes our sales staff really not very good to answer. First of all, we don't know the style, type, size and other information you need. The following small edition of Huai'an cosmetics exhibition cabinet manufacturer specifically introduces the production process of cosmetics exhibition cabinet. I hope you can help in customizing the cosmetics display cabinet.

1. dimension measurement

When making cosmetics display cabinets, the exhibition cabinet factory needs to measure the size of the store. Generally, the customer will inform the manufacturer of the display cabinet to measure by telephone. It is necessary to emphasize the time and place and specific brand categories to avoid the occurrence of missed quantity and error. The producer of the display cabinet can also confirm with the local business. Avoid such phenomena. In order to standardize this link, a special measurement notice should be established to mark the above related contents and requirements. Fax in writing to the manufacturer of the display cabinet as the measurement basis. It is also for more effective field operations.

2. site survey

After receiving the notice of customer measurement, a special measurement sheet shall be established, which shows the specific information of some stores and Party A and the specific requirements of the commodity display cabinet of the exclusive store. Generally, contact the business personnel of party a first, and conduct field survey on the site and the shopping mall and the business three parties, which will reduce many unnecessary mistakes. This link is the whole process The most important and easy to problems in the production of commodity display cabinets in a monopoly store is generally reflected in the two aspects of site change and shop production requirements. The site change usually informs Party A in advance, party a timely informs the producer of display cabinet to make a re measurement, while in the market production requirements, the mall will put forward some relatively hard features The regulations of the company are often in conflict with Party A's Ci standards. If the production is not in accordance with the requirements of the mall, the deposit on the entrance of the display cabinet producer cannot be returned. It is hoped that Party A will strengthen the confirmation of this aspect while communicating with the mall, so as to facilitate the on-site operation of the display cabinet manufacturer.

3. design drawing

In terms of drawings, drawings are generally designed according to the requirements of party a CI, different effect drawings are designed according to different shopping malls and different grades. The display cabinet manufacturer will establish a special design flow sheet document according to the measurement sheet to reflect some specific information in the project, so as to better operate and implement the project. This document is tracking type, which is established when the designer receives the measurement sheet of the project, and the ring is connected to the factory from the confirmation of the project.

4. drawing confirmation

The general drawing confirmation is divided into two parts: the mall and party a confirm, and the confirmation of the mall is directly confirmed by Party A's business and the mall. But the general problem is easy to produce in the shop drawing confirmation. Because the shop makes the commodity display cabinet of the exclusive store, as mentioned above, there are also some production regulations of the mall. Your company also has its own production standards, and often conflicts occur. For example, the floor is not a special mall, but the mall sometimes must use composite floor Glass floor is required to be paved, which is easy to produce differences. The manufacturer of display cabinet will generally measure after measurement. Fax the measurement sheet to the specific requirements and information of the mall reflected on Party A in written form. Party A shall communicate and solve the measurement sheet with the manufacturer of the display cabinet and further communicate with the mall at the same time, and the general problems will be less. Ensure that the operation process of this project is implemented with an error-free scheme. The drawings designed by Party A and the mall can be recognized.

5. order confirmation

The drawing mall and the exhibition cabinet manufacturer can place an order only after confirmation. The display cabinet manufacturer will place an order to the factory in the design process sheet. The document shows all the necessary factors and production requirements of the project, so as to facilitate the implementation of the operation River in the factory. Meanwhile, the time of mobilization and completion shall be indicated. This document can only be completed after receiving the confirmation drawing signed by the store and the customer.

6. confirmation of quotation

The drawings confirm that we make a special project quotation according to the drawings, and Party A shall confirm and review. After confirmation and verification, we shall be informed to make the product. Party A shall fax a notice of production of commodity display cabinet in a special store to the producer of the display cabinet in written form, which reflects some specific factors such as the audit amount, production area, production type and required time for completion of the exhibition cabinet. The producer of the display cabinet will also design the product when receiving the production notice The flow sheet and final confirmation effect chart are sent to the factory, and the factory will operate according to the specific conditions in the document.

7. factory production

The factory completes the material review while receiving the design process sheet (the document will reflect the production requirements of the mall), and also establishes the material requisition of the project. The material used for this project is made by the factory. The workers will collect materials in the warehouse according to the specific details of the material requisition. At the same time, the factory director shall conduct the field acceptance for the project when the factory is finished Meanwhile, the project appearance acceptance sheet shall be established to ensure that the qualified rate of the products before the installation of the project is 100%. In this link, the factory must strictly operate according to the specific requirements in the design flow sheet to avoid some problems. The factory director also reviews the products according to the design flow sheet.

8. site installation

After the cosmetics exhibition cabinet of the specialty store is finished, we also establish the project construction sheet of the project (from tracking to the completion of the commodity display cabinet construction in the shop) at the same time. The document reflects some basic information of the project and records of some problems in the assembly process of the project. The on-site construction often occurs in an unexpected event and some non-human activities There are many modifications caused by factors. The producer of display cabinet will reflect it in this document, and confirm it to Party A and the mall. It is convenient for Party A to conduct better audit.

9. on site inspection

After the construction, we will conduct overall acceptance to Party A's business personnel in the form of project construction sheet, and at the same time, we will sign and comment. Thus, the qualified rate of the field is 100%, and the on-site assembly qualification rate is 100%. The manufacturer of the display cabinet also has special after-sales service card which is generally pasted on the back of the cashier. If there is any need for maintenance on site, the producer of the display cabinet can be directly called. According to the specific requirements put forward by Party A, the company shall establish special after-sales service tracking sheet for maintenance time and timely handle the maintenance matters of your company.

10. information feedback

After the acceptance, the producer of the display cabinet will fax the project construction sheet to Party A in time to inform Party A that the operation of the project has been qualified.