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Creative experience sharing in the process of display cabinet design and customization


The creativity in the process of design and customization of display cabinets is more and more loved by everyone. So how can our display cabinets better reflect the creativity and what effect can our display cabinets bring? Let's take a concrete look.

The so-called "special decoration of the standard display cabinet", as the name suggests, is to carry out some special decoration transformation of the standard display cabinet, so as to make the standard display cabinet realize variation and meet the personalized needs of the exhibitors.

"Special decoration of standard display cabinets" is the inevitable trend of the development of standard display cabinets, because the traditional standard display cabinets are basically not attractive to the exhibitors. They seem to be too regular, too rigid, and have no impact, which can not play a good image publicity effect for the exhibitors. "Special display cabinet standardization" is to use reusable standard aluminum alloy component type exhibition equipment to realize special display booth. When the display cabinet is designed, it can fully apply international standard size display materials, and standardize the original materials used for special installation. These standard materials can be reused to increase the economic value of materials.

Due to the special material temperament of stainless steel, it is a good way to use stainless steel as the material choice of high-end display space, jewelry display cabinet and display props to set off the atmosphere of display space, improve the display effect and enrich and perfect the material change. The cold material of stainless steel mirror steel matches with wood baking paint, hard and transparent texture of glass, leather and other materials to form a rich display effect, and forms a variety of reflective effects under the irradiation of various lights.

Exhibition production is a kind of special decoration which integrates sound, light, electricity and special materials to highlight the corporate image and products through the design of exhibition stand. It also contains mechanics, architecture and other knowledge and art. Modern, international display production should reflect the enterprise and product culture and advertising cumulative effect, but also pay attention to publicize the personality of the enterprise and product, and at the same time, inject forward-looking scientific and technological awareness and cultural feeling into the enterprise or product. Therefore, good display production greatly improves the modern connotation and cultural heritage of the enterprise or product.

What is creativity? Creativity can be said to be the main feature of modern enterprise publicity and display. The success of creativity lies in the publicity of personality. The more the personality, the more it can give people a shock, which is unforgettable, so as to play an effective role in the market and achieve effective market communication. The publicity of this kind of personality involves the positioning of form, the imagination of space, the choice of materials, the peculiar structure, the treatment of color and the novelty of way, which should be integrated and unified. In other words, the unique form, color, technology and style of the exhibition stand should be organically integrated to form a complete enterprise or exhibit personality.

That's all for the introduction of the creativity in the design and production process of the display cabinet. I hope you can choose our cosmetics display cabinet manufacturers.