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What is the difference between the ordinary display cabinet and the lacquer display cabinet


What is the difference between the design of the lacquer exhibition cabinet and the ordinary exhibition cabinet. The application of the oven cabinet in the industry of our country is more and more extensive and the development speed is also faster and faster. Let's go and see the details with the exhibition cabinet manufacturers!

1. The common exhibition cabinet is actually to use some conservative or backward technology to rough design and production, which makes the finished exhibition cabinet in terms of quality is relatively poor, the appearance line of the exhibition cabinet is not beautiful enough, and it is easy to fall off after painting.

2. The service life of the ordinary exhibition cabinet is very short, even in the better maintenance state, it is difficult to withstand the test of time.

The lacquer exhibition cabinet is a kind of exhibition cabinet with high quality, beautiful appearance and long service life. The reason why it is called paint baking cabinet is originated from the injection of paint technology into the ordinary exhibition cabinet, so people are used to calling it paint booth. According to the different functions, the paint exhibition cabinet is generally divided into Zhongdao, back cabinet, cashier, etc.

The commonly used "back cabinet" is a 2.4m high exhibition cabinet or panel. The width of the single back cabinet is generally 1m, and the thickness of 200-500mm is placed along the wall. According to the height of the golden vision of human eyes is 1.1m-1.6m, the back cabinet occupies the main position of the exhibition field, so the design of the back cabinet is particularly important.

As its name implies, Zhongdao is a relatively independent, movable and increased exhibition cabinet placed in the middle of the exhibition site, and it is placed in the middle of the exhibition site to make full use of the site. The layout of the island should pay attention to the width of the human flow and the density of the site. According to the principle of human engineering, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between a person's circulation and other cabinets is at least 80cm. The middle island should be placed with the front facing the customer (i.e. the main channel of the mall). In this way, the display of goods is for customers and easy to display. The array formed by the middle island should be orderly and regular. The forms of placement are: parallel, radial, symmetrical, coupling, gradual, etc.

① Because of its high visibility, the brand problem of the image related products is often considered by the designer of the product display cabinet. He is an important representative of the corporate image, and an important display and sales area. In places with high visibility of back cabinet (lintel and high position), the company shall introduce the business concept, publicize commodity information, display the commodity image to consumers, and expand the popularity of enterprises and commodities by using logo, lamp, advertisement film or advertising picture of enterprise standard.

② The purpose of hanging and displaying the goods is to improve the understanding, memory and conviction of the goods, and thus induce the customers to make purchase actions. To achieve this, the basic principle of commodity display is to make consumers see the goods at a glance and raise their hands.

③ A place not visible under the storage back cabinet, sometimes made into storage space for storing goods. The back cabinet is divided into wall type, column type (and island ring type). The wall type is placed along the walls of the four walls of the mall, and it is divided and enclosed by the back cabinet to form a certain display space; the island ring type is generally packed with columns, but there are also free enclosed columns, which are located in the central hall of the mall.

The difference between the paint and the ordinary exhibition cabinet is mainly reflected in the quality, appearance and life.