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What are the characteristics of product display cabinet design?


The design of modern cosmetics display cabinet should reflect the characteristics of authenticity, seasonality, art, color, culture and fashion, and reflect the corresponding relationship between display effect and design effect. Today, the manufacturer of the display cabinet will explain to you what aspects of the design of the cosmetic display cabinet is embodied in! Let's have a look!

1. The real characteristics of customized display cabinet

The design of cosmetic display cabinet must be based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, truly and appropriately display the commodity characteristics, specifications, quality, performance and use and maintenance knowledge. The products in the cosmetic container should be consistent with the products sold, so that there are samples and the goods are authentic. Otherwise, the trust of customers will be lost and the reputation of the mall will be affected.

2. Seasonal features of product display cabinet

Window display should design different ways of commodity display according to the seasonal changes, so as to reflect the consistency of the contents displayed in the window with the seasonal changes. This method is mostly used in the seasonal goods, such as clothing, cotton knitwear, household appliances and so on. At the same time, the seasonal characteristics are also the performance of the characteristics of the times. Window display should keep pace with modern display characteristics and fashion, and consider the characteristics of the times in the selection of display methods, materials and concepts. The display of windows should meet the aesthetic needs of the times.

3. The artistic features of the display cabinet of supermarkets

Cosmetics counter display must be aesthetic. Must be through a variety of decorative art methods and the combination of modern display technology and design concept to show people, such as the application background, spray painting, temporary props, color combination, text modeling, lighting, display model and other plastic art skills, the perfect embodiment of art window display function, the display layout of cosmetics back cabinet is rich in artistry, and enhance its display cabinet design The effect of the calculation.