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What are the requirements for the design of product display cabinet in beauty salon?


Customers enter beauty salons, and the product display cabinet attracts the attention. Because customers must see the products when they enter the store, how to arrange the product display cabinets in beauty salons can they achieve the desired effect?

1、 Clean appearance and atmosphere

Many beauty salons with the mind will put the product display cabinet in the beauty salon in a particularly prominent position, and tidy the product display cabinets of the beauty salon, and arrange the products in a reasonable manner. Can show the characteristics of the product, but also attract the customer's goals. Or some beauty salons, will show some characteristics of the product display cabinet, do not close the product, but also use the corresponding small furnishings for matching, attract customers' eyes.

2、 Rich and hierarchical

The product display cabinet in the beauty salon has a great role in letting consumers know about the beauty salon products, and it is also a way to attract customers to ask in advance. Therefore, when putting products, the main products in the beauty salon should be placed in a conspicuous position, which tempts customers to ask actively, which also provides many convenience for the sales staff. Of course, do not put the products in the product display cabinet very complex, try to match the arrangement, so that customers can understand the intention of such placement.

3、 Easy to reach

Although the cosmetics display cabinet is displayed to customers, many customers will want to see if they meet more interested products again. Therefore, the place of the products should be in a convenient place for customers to get, which will not disturb the interest of customers to understand. Therefore, the product display cabinet design of beauty salon should be concise, and not closed counter, but semi closed, so that there is a good interaction between product display cabinet and customers.

4、 Light color with bright

When designing the product display cabinet of beauty salon, attention should be paid to the adjustment of lighting. Many beauty salons will put on light on the product display cabinet to bake the products, but the lighting must correspond with the products, which can make the products look more superior. Try to put the products with similar colors together. The color is from shallow to deep as possible. Moreover, the beauty salon chooses the soft and beautiful style to be good on the lighting. The beauty salon itself is the elegant and soft wind, which is also close to the beauty salon. When putting products in beauty salons, we should also consider the color baking between products and products, and add their own lighting. If we can create good results, it is also a direct attraction to customers.

The design of the beauty salon display cabinet can impress customers and interact with customers. It is enough to get such results. The correct display cabinet of beauty salon products is more conducive to highlight the uniqueness of the beauty salon and the characteristics of the beauty salon.