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How to install the product display cabinet quickly and efficiently?


Customized display cabinet is a kind of design project that we often come into contact with in our daily life. In fact, the manufacturers of display cabinet are facing great challenges. A good display cabinet can let a large number of consumers see the products operated by customers at a glance, can let consumers find the highlights of their products after placing, and also has a great role in improving the brand image of enterprises. Therefore, the pre order work of each customized display cabinet in the mall should be organized, and the responsibilities and authorities of the equipment staff should be clear and coordinated.

In addition to the exquisite design, the most important point is the installation. Today, we will explain some precautions for installing the product display cabinet! Let's have a look!

① Before considering it, we should carefully check whether the required items, raw materials, equipment and equipment staff are complete. Better assign two people to look up each. Because maybe one person will lose a small object, two people will have a lot of guarantee.

① Display cabinet manufacturers should once again according to the degree of on-the-spot quantity and the actual degree of display cabinet, to ensure that the standard degree is appropriate in all directions, and there is no scratch on the surface of the goods.

③ Before customized display cabinet equipment, check the packaging of goods to ensure that the packaging is intact and avoid damaging the goods in the whole process of transfer

④ The loading of the display cabinet in front of the equipment should be fixed, so as to avoid shaking and damaging the goods in the whole process of transportation. Be careful when loading.

⑤ Before the equipment to special all equipment scheme, and in the equipment, according to the equipment to equipment.

⑥ In the whole process of the equipment, we should also pay attention to the removal of consumer stores, and pay attention to the maintenance of the road, so as to avoid damaging the display cabinets on the road of consumer shopping malls.

⑦ Equipment to the front to help consumers clean up, to ensure that consumers immediately open.