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What materials are needed for display cabinet customization?


Display cabinet customization is that businesses can customize the display cabinet according to their own product characteristics, so that they can better show their products to customers, so that customers can more intuitively understand the products and have the desire to buy. What kind of materials are used for customized product display cabinets?

1、 Wood

The advantage is that the structure can be greatly adjusted. It has good adjustability, can make a variety of shapes and effects, cheap, easy to obtain, but there are also some shortcomings, such as large amount of data, not easy to carry, suitable for before or after production out of the display cabinet. Its advantages are deformation resistance, high strength, good wear resistance and high hardness.

2、 Acrylic material

This material is widely used in jewelry. There are many acrylic jewelry on the market. It looks crystal clear and high-grade. If it's not good, it's easier to break down and the price is more expensive. But compared with his effect, the price is still acceptable. After all, you get what you pay for. It has a certain durability, but the disadvantages are heavy data, fragile data and high price. Therefore, in the display case, it is necessary to design the production materials with strong anti deformation ability to prevent deformation or shrinkage.

3、 Glass

The advantage is that the data price is low. Moreover, the effect of window made of glass is better, which can give people a sense of greater space and make consumers clearly understand the products of the enterprise. The important role of the window is that the counter can directly communicate with consumers. But like wood, it's heavy and easy to break, so you have to be careful when making and transporting display cabinets.

4、 Iron sheet material

The advantage is that the data is cheap and light, and the disadvantage is that the structure changes little. If the whole display cabinet is made of sheet metal, it will lack the taste of design. Compared with the strong acidity of ammonia and sulfuric acid, the weather resistance is outstanding relative to the external climate.

5、 Steel

General display cabinets contain metal structure, which is essential. Of course, there are also some stainless steel materials that do not rust. After polishing, they can achieve high brightness and feel good. But designers need to design properly. The disadvantage is that structural analogy is difficult to make abstract graphic effect, and it is not strong. You should clean the CN more often than it is easy to get fingerprints. It's hard to have multiple effects.

The above are some materials that are often used when customizing the display cabinet. In the production process of display cabinet, it is not good to use more expensive materials to make display cabinet. We should choose the products that are suitable for our own display characteristics and highlight the products. Kodak display cabinet is a professional display cabinet manufacturer, specializing in the design and manufacture of display products related to retail and visual design, cosmetics display cabinet and display cabinet, providing new and breakthrough aesthetic visual design for retail display shelf products.