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Display cabinet manufacturers teach you how to distinguish the quality of display cabinet?


The quality of product display cabinet should be seen and understood from many aspects. For people who don't know how to do it, the more satisfied with the appearance, the better. Of course, that's right. If the appearance of a is not qualified, the quality can not meet the requirements. However, the quality of the display cabinet cannot be distinguished from its appearance. If you want to know whether the quality of the window is high or average, you need to know some professional knowledge.

There are many requirements for high-quality cosmetic display cabinet, in addition to appearance, because many display cabinet manufacturers can model the appearance of the display cabinet, but if there is no core technology, it can not reach the high-end standard, so appearance is not the main factor to ensure the quality. The following points can teach you how to easily distinguish the quality of the display cabinet.

1、 Materials

You can't tell the good from the bad. It's important to feel it. For example, Dongxing uses E1 grade stainless steel, which has thick quality and feel. And whether the toughened glass is completely transparent, whether the built-in LED lights of the display cabinet are focused or hidden, and whether the drawers and locks of the display cabinet are used smoothly.

2、 Manufacturing process and precision

The real value of the display cabinet can be seen from the internal structure of the display cabinet, the docking of stainless steel and other aspects. The ordinary display cabinet is made of stainless steel, which adopts ordinary manufacturing and welding process. Its internal structure is simple, and it will produce adverse factors such as shaking after long-term use. It can be said that high-end display cabinets have very high requirements for these. The production process of the display cabinet must be designed in advance according to the design mode, and the structure of the high-end display cabinet can not reveal too many details... Then in terms of welding and polishing, the density of stainless steel butt joint reaches nanometer level, perfect, which is the symbol of high-end window.

3、 Other factors

The material selection of the display case is very good. The higher the manufacturing process, the heavier the weight of the display case. By knocking, the higher the quality of the display cabinet, there will be no echo, while ordinary display cabinets not only have echo, but also the vibration generated will be transmitted back for a long time. At the same time, from the details, we can see the production process of electroplating, painting, laser and so on. The more perfect the appearance, the better.