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How to install the display cabinet?


Custom made display cabinets are usually used in shops, department stores and above. Whether it is presented by this kind of jewelry as a medium, there are relative considerations in its shaping, so as to promote the brand or consumer behavior. The design of the exhibition needs imagination in particular. However, when you see the seemingly complex design and production, you will form a certain impression. Is it difficult to install such a product display cabinet? Today, our counter display cabinet manufacturers will introduce how to install custom display cabinets. Now let's follow the display cabinet manufacturers to see what they have.

In fact, the installation of custom display cabinet is not difficult. The auxiliary tool is basically a screw driver, but the installation work is generally the professional and technical personnel of the manufacturer. When installing, workers need to have two things as the main reference.

1. Pictures

This is mainly the design drawing of the display cabinet, which is used to compare the installation sequence and steps. In particular, some of the above details, such as how to combine display cabinets in different positions.

2. Screw driver

Professional screw driver is the key to the smooth installation of custom display cabinet. Of course, if you say to buy a good screwdriver, there is no professional. In fact, this major can be said to be a model of screwdrivers. Different screw sizes and applicable screw driver models vary from enterprise to enterprise.

The installation of custom display cabinet is not very difficult for professionals. As long as we first understand the combination of this display cabinet, know the installation of filament in each display cabinet, and then use the appropriate size and model of screwdriver tools to basically complete the installation work.

The above is our counter display cabinet manufacturers to bring you the relevant introduction, if you have any need, you can contact our counter display cabinet manufacturers, we will serve you wholeheartedly!