Commercial Design/Prop Making/Full Service

Designing ability

  • Use multilingual services for international brands

  • Combining international cutting-edge design concepts to support brand image solutions

  • Provide quick response design services

  • Deliver the most detailed, accurate and professional drawings

Original design of retail space

Combined with the requirements of brand image, store positioning and shopping mall, Kede provides customers with original design scheme of retail space. In the face of intelligent consumers' rising consumer experience positioning, Kede will only be able to open more and more technology to penetrate into the original design, using 3D penetration. AI technology, VR panoramic technology, to create a pleasant and personalized new retail experience environment. Services include: creative design of commercial display cabinets, image creative design of exclusive stores and flash stores, overall commercial space planning and creative design.

Original brand image design

Excellent design includes successful implementation. Our professional design team transforms conceptual design scheme into process and drawing deepening scheme, and endows creative design with real life. Deepening design needs method. We combine demand with technology and function. The friendly selection of materials, the feasibility of production and technology, and the safety of drawing specifications are injected into the drawing deepening process to ensure that the production of props is more scientific and effective. Our in-depth design team has many years of experience and communication skills in undertaking the projects of world-famous design firms, and closely cooperate with and achieve the positioning and requirements of the original creative design.

engineering design

Kede is the professional executor of engineering design scheme. Kede pursues the construction scheme of continuity and flexibility, and strives to achieve the best balance point of cost and benefit. Ke De CE is the integration of design and construction. In the primary stage of drawing, it integrates the engineering supporting requirements of fire protection, air conditioning, electromechanical, interior decoration and intellectualization. Ensure that the design drawings are transferred as reliable construction scheme.