Commercial Design/Prop Making/Full Service

After-sales service capability

  • 50+

    Cover cities up to

  • 2000+

    Average annual service shop

  • 40000+

    Average number of services per year

After sales maintenance is a very important part of Kede's business system, because we know the importance of flawless stores to brand image,Kede has been deeply engaged in retail space after-sales service for 20 years, and has established a set of high standard and intelligent service system.Kede's service system takes three factories as the core, radiates more than 200 large and medium-sized cities in different regions of the country, and has built its own service stations in many places

Services covered

  • Comprehensive maintenance

    Exhibits, facilities, circuits, electronic screens, etc. Comprehensive maintenance project of in-store facilities

  • Clean maintenance

    Deep cleaning of exhibits and cabinets Professional maintenance of facilities and equipment

  • Display replacement

    Decorative props, display props, Replacement of display samples, lamp boxes, etc

  • Disassembly and assembly displacement

    Installation and relocation of exhibition tools, display cabinets, equipment and facilities and upgrading of shop image