Commercial Design/Prop Making/Full Service

Professional ethics

Kede deeply understands and respects the brand image and philosophy

  • Respect originality

    Kede's own designer takes on the deepening of brand design

  • Focus on details

    Kede pays attention to every detail request put forward by customers

  • Sense of responsibility

    Kede takes the overall management of the project and provides full-process services

In Kede, the success of business comes from the professional ethics standards strictly followed by each of our employees

  • sincerity

    Kede abides by the principle of good faith, abides by the promise to every customer, and acts in accordance with his words

  • respect

    Kede respects employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the society in which we work and live

  • value

    Kede strives to create high value for customers and partners with high quality services and products

Sense of responsibility

Kodak implements strict enterprise management standards and requirements for all employees

Responsibility comes from the supremacy of quality, including process quality, detail quality, finished product quality and process quality

The combination of responsibility and quality runs through the management and execution of the whole company

Refuse unjust enrichment

Kode solemnly promises that our employees, contractors and agents will never accept or offer any improper gains