Commercial Design/Prop Making/Full Service

Tool making

Beauty and luxury show excellence

  • Insight into brand quality requirements

  • Interpret the brand image concept

  • Pay attention to the details of brand opening

  • Ensure the perfect presentation of the brand

Retail commercial prop production

KEDE's own factory produces high-quality props, and the whole process has its own processing to ensure the fine management of the whole process, as well as the control of cost and time.

KEDE's skilled and experienced production team escorts quality and reputation

KEDE strives to find the best balance between machinery and handwork, does not forget the ingenuity, pursues production and strives for quality at the same time

Batch production of props

Kodak's efficient production system and sound production capacity, the use of international leading CNC equipment, with perfect global resource allocation and logistics system, realize multi process, large-scale, mass production of props, play large-scale benefits, help customers save costs, deliver on time, and promote sales.

High-end custom props production

Kodak's customized props service is committed to making brand creative business ideas a reality.

Understanding and understanding – because we have a first-class in-depth design team

Enthusiasm and persistence – because we have a strong project management team

Attitude and ingenuity – because we have a professional production team

Quality and requirements – because we have a strict quality control team

Display props

In order to meet the customer's one-stop service requirements, Kodak creates a professional team and production workshop to customize unique display props for customers, including acrylic, metal, wood and other handicrafts,

The purpose is to make the products sold by the brand more attractive due to the harmonious and appropriate display of props.

In the store display props replacement season, we can meet the demand of delivery to more than 200 cities in China on the same day.

After-sales maintenance

"After sales" is the most important part of Kede's brand accumulation for many years. Over the years, Kede has informed the professional after-sales service team to help customers solve their problems and eliminate their worries. We have established service capacity in more than 200 cities in China, serving more than 2000 stores every year. We can timely respond to and deal with props maintenance and repair, display facilities, light boxes, display screen replacement, etc. "same day maintenance" - has become the unique logo of Kede.