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Safe Production

We pay attention to three aspects of safety protection: product safety protection, personal safety protection and construction safety protection
  • Product safety protection

    To provide environment-friendly and safe products and services for the society is the concept that Kede always adheres to.
    Kede ensures that the materials used are subject to safety monitoring, such as fire protection, explosion protection, anti falling off, anti scratch, etc.
    Kede ensures that in the process of mechanical equipment production, technical measures, financial guarantee and safety training are used to eliminate any potential product hidden dangers, to realize the normal and high-quality operation of the equipment, and to ensure the safety and stability of the products.

  • Personal safety protection

    Kede is aware of the potential production safety problems around us, and takes the protection of workers' life safety and occupational health as the core of enterprise safety production. At Kede, every operator is a "conscientious person", who has done a good job in ideological safety warning in all aspects of production, installation, on-site construction, warehousing and logistics transportation.
    Kede constantly improves the working environment and comfort, improves the standard of safety protection equipment, strictly implements the national safety licensing regulations, formulates risk identification and safety management plan and other measures to fully protect the operators.

  • Construction safety and protection

    Construction safety is Kede's eternal management focus, because Kede realizes that safety is the corporate image and the best interpretation of the company's "people-oriented" core concept.

    Kede emphasizes the promotion and training of safety awareness, requires construction management personnel and operators to establish safety awareness, give full play to their initiative, and cooperate with the implementation of safety education, systems and regulations.